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April's Letter, November, 2009

Picture my index finger one millimetre away from my thumb. I came that close to dropping out of school. It's my midterm exams that did it. I'd been warned about grade "sticker shock," but this was worse than I imagined. I'm embarrassed to tell you, but considering all the other embarrassing stuff you've read in our letters, here goes. Biology I: C-; General Chemistry I: C-; Physics: D+; Calculus I: C. My only bright spot was music-composition: A-. So, yeah, when I got my exam grades back, I thought obviously I'm stupid and don't belong in university. Obviously, I must have gone to an easy high school for stupid kids, without knowing it. I mean, if I'd done badly after slacking, I'd be mad at myself but know I could do better. But I did badly after working really hard! Claire and Liz both helped talk me down and reassure me that I can do this. I signed up for more extra help and I think it's starting to make a difference. But OMG, this is really stressful.

My roommie Lisa has convinced me to participate in the United Way Bowling Tournament this coming Friday, even though I can't even remember the last time I bowled! She knows she can get me to do stuff when it's for a good cause. That's how she gets around my "No, I should spend all my non-class time studying!"

Mike told me Mom escaped from the Ha-Ha Hotel and was seen dumpster diving in Eastgate! Mike also said he's been having some really disturbing memories about his childhood--stuff he thinks he suppressed for a long time. Some are so bad he wishes he could just purposely resuppress them, but he knows that's not healthy.

Well, I've already spent too much time not studying... H'work calls, as usual!

Tags: retcons

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