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John's letter, November 2009

Hello, there; it's been a while since I've had the chance to chew the fat, so to speak, so I might be a bit out of practice. As I sit here in the living room watching the evening news, I feel sort of sickened; that's because Elly managed to waltz out of the CMH and, if eyewitness accounts are to be believed, is at large in Eastgate breaking into houses and frightening the residents before going back to whereever it is that she's holed up. If I'd acted last year like Dad, Mom, Ted and pretty much everyone I know said I should have, this whole thing could have been avoided. It's funny in a sad way that by trying to protect my family's reputation, I've destroyed it. Not, of course, that I can do anything to fix things. My parents, they think I talked myself into making a fool of myself and they've got good reason. Mike and Liz think I'm a weakling, a coward and a jackass and they've got good reason. April thinks I've betrayed her and she's got good reason. Claire thinks I handled her inadvertant outing stupidly and selfishly and she's got good reason. I could go on listing all the people who think my soul has halitosis and be right to think so all day long but I'd risk the old growth forests to do so. The question that faces me, of course, is what do I do about it. The answer, of course, is to man up and not be in their faces. My not being there as a reminder of not being what they needed then is, of course, what they need most now. This, of course, means that Anthony is pretty much going to be my only connection to what used to be my family. How odd that his problems with his dad are so trivial compared to what my kids faced because I was too dim to see what Elly was; to hear him talk, you'd think that he'd invented drama. All he has is a father who expects him to pay for things with his own money instead of relying on Daddy; he doesn't have to wait by the phone at Mayes Motors in case the cops tell him to fetch the local crazy woman.

Other than waiting for the police to secure errant spouses, it's been a fairly uneventful month; it's sort of a nasty thing to say but there are advantages to being the local bad guy. For the next little while, I can at least be assured of a measure of calm....unless, of course, Elly remembers that street signs are in metric and shows up here. When that happens, the people I hoped would help me restrain her will be long gone along with any sympathy from Law Enforcement.

Chee, I've taken up enough of your time; right now, I have to check the garbage bins for signs of Elly now so, if you'll have me, I'll get back to you next month.

Tags: retcons

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