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Mira's letter, November 2009

Hello, again; it was a fairly busy night on Halloween. Not only were there a lot of trick-or-treaters, our Neighborhood Watch duties kept Wilf and me on the go. At least all we had to deal with was petty vandalism; I don't know what we would have done if the Milborough trend of having kids dress up as train engineers and shrieking women with fake noses had penetrated this far south. Mike says that he bore up well under the stress but, well, you could tell that he wished he weren't living in the Patterson house these days. Not only does he have his identity problems to contend with, Halloween itself brings back a lot of bad memories for him. I wish that John's habit of helping himself to "unsafe" treats right in front of him were the worst of it; that's because I found out that the rumors were true: Elly actually did make her kids throw out all the Halloween candy they didn't like so she wouldn't be tempted to snack on it. That didn't surprise me all that much because, let's face it, she was always sort of odd but it certainly threw Deanna, who used to think that she was an ideal to be followed, for a loop. That's because she, despite everything, still isn't quite willing to believe the depths to which her former idol would sink to maintain her control over her children. This isn't a condemnation of Deanna by any means; some things are so big, they simply can't be taken in.

To get back to the present day, it was a fairly quiet Thanksgiving; a fact that wasn't lost on Michael. It was, as he said, the first time he can remember that Turkey Day didn't turn into a turkey of a day (ha-ha!) that had to be glossed over. The odd thing is that while he remembers every Thanskgiving he's ever had, he doesn't seem to want to discuss them; it's as if he wants to avoid confusing Americans by reminding them that Canadians have different holidays. This is especially strange because Deanna says that her neighbors couldn't wait to ask questions about our Thanksgiving. That's probably because they want to know things and expand their horizons instead of hiding under a rock like Elly did. (As opposed, of course, to hiding in a culvert in Eastgate like she is now; knowing that his mother is on the loose is yet another worry Mike has. It doesn't help that her lousy sense of direction means that she's harrassing people twenty kilometers away.)

In any event, events in Milborough are starting to become a minor concern now; the real action with Mike's extended family is taking place elsewhere. April is starting to acclimate herself to university life in Guelph, Elizabeth and Anthony are dealing with his confrontation with his father, Deanna is dealing with Robin's health problems in Colorado which leaves Michael to wind down his affairs in Milborough. I'll leave the people involved to tell you more about that in their letters. About the only thing left to worry about in Milborougn now is when Elly is finally released after the cops grab onto her; figuring out what's to be done with her promises to be as painful to deal with as last August's crisis was. About the only sure thing is that John will have adapted to life without her.

Anyway, that's a crisis for another year. Until then, I hope you have a quiet November.

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