dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Saturday, 10 October 2009

Now that we've established that Elly can't seem to enjoy herself, let's see what new form her anhedonia takes; maybe we'll be reminded that she doesn't appreciate her children again.

Nope; It's Elly and Annie talking about injustice and being fat and other fun stuff.

Panel 1: Elly asks Anne, who's eating a cookie, why it is that women are supposed to maintain their figures while men are allowed to got to pot.

Panel 2: She makes that odd palms-out gesture as she reminds us that women spend years in the kitchen, get pregnant and yet are still supposed to look like sylphs. She should be more concerned with the fact that Annie appears to be melting but her despair has blinded her to the body horror mutation her friend is undergoing.

Panel 3: She then unhinges her jaw as she asks "Why is it that a paunch is fine on a man but ugly on a girl(sic) who's had two kids?!"

Panel 4: As they walk away, we see what Lynn thinks pleasingly plump women look like: stick figures with bags of gelatine shoved down their undies. We also see her attempt at humor as Anne says that if anyone deserves to be fat, they do.

Summary: It's sort of odd watching a woman with self-loathing as obvious as Lynn's complain about how people are judged by their appearances; it's almost as odd as seeing her complain about the double standard when she believes in a fairly strict division of gender roles.

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