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Gordon's letter, October 2009

Hello again from Beatiful Downtown Milborough! As Trace told you, it's been a fairly busy month. Not only did we have to get enough signatures to get her on the ballot, we had a bit of trouble finding out exactly which riding she'd be in. That's because the Electoral Commission seems to have finally gotten around to redrawing the map so that it makes sense. Too bad that it also made sure that there wouldn't be a by-election; it'll take more than tweezers and a match to get rid of the parasite we send to Ottawa now. This is sort of what we get for living in the sprawl zone of Metro Toronto. Not only is it hard to figure out where one town ends and the other begins, it's hard to unscramble who the bigwigs are. At least she's started the ball rolling on getting someone to fess up about the radioactive dumping issue; sure, the Feds are still studying the issue (i.e. hoping that it'll go away on its own) but thanks to the modern marvel called the Net, a lot more voices will be coming forth.

All this talking about physical mutations sort of beings me to the speedbump on her way to Ottawa that Trace doesn't see; while I will admit that my parents' alcoholism might raise a few eyebrows, there's a disadvantage we have that she doesn't notice. I'm talking, of course, about John and Elly Patterson and our having to publicly kiss their crazy asses; sure, Anthony managed to make sure that he has no real power over us any longer but the public image of being in the hip pocket of the nutcase dentist with the train fetish and the shouting loonie-toon who pretended to run the bookstore lingers like a bad stench. At least the two of them are apart for a while; that means that, unless something really bad happens, John will potter away quietly. You may have heard about our meeting up at the farmers' market; what you didn't hear is that I was tempted to keep the money he handed me. It's depressing seeing a man who's as nuts as his wife strutting around because he isn't big enough a threat to anyone to do anything about.

At least Mike's life is a little easier now; I hate how it happened but I kind of envy him. I wish John would ignore me too; that way, I'd not have to deal with a walking, talking reminder of being the guy with the empty limos. As Mike said, he's putting out feelers to his birth father to see if he can do what Claire did and make his life make more sense. I wish him luck with that and the same for Liz and Anthony. Now that the two of them are getting to know each other as people, they look to make a go of things especially since they're starting to really make peace with Therese. I might never really warm to his first wife but I do respect her as a person now that I have a better idea of what's going on with her; not, of course, that I expect her to do the same. Milborough means almost nothing to her aside from being a neat place to buy land; the local eccentrics mean even less. Heck, I doubt she even remembers John and Elly's names.

In any event, I've taken up enough of your time. I'll get back to you with more news about how Tracy's campaign is going next month.

Till then,

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