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Mira's letter, October 2009

Hello, again; you'll have to forgive the lateness of my letter but, well, it's been a fairly busy September. That's because I had to spend a lot of it being there physically and emotionally for Michael while he had to bear witness to his parents' legal troubles. The oddest thing about everything was that both trials lasted as long as they do on television. Around the 15th, the Province admitted Elly to the local CMH for treatment; the doctor in charge of her case, a Doctor Walby, tells me that she thinks that Elly's long-term outlook is fairly positive once she can get her to see that she hadn't, in fact, irretrievably disappointed her parents or brought down everlasting shame on the family name. It helps that a key stressor is absenting himself to trim trees, make stupid jokes with the cleaning staff Anthony Caine hired, become a fixture at the local Swiss Chalet, think that he beat the legal system and plan the ulimate model train layout. It's hard for me to say this but I not only don't see their marriage lasting all that longer, I think it's pretty much for the best. John, you see, looks to me like the sort of person that solitude agrees with and Elly, God bless her, needs to figure out who she is as a person.

One of the obstacles to that, as I said, is John himself; he hasn't really changed over the years like everyone else has. Learning from experience would, as his mother said, mean that he doesn't know everything so he doesn't do it. That habit of mind really ticked off Dave Jeneryk when he was deciding John's fate; as Anthony and Liz both told you, John willfully misinterpreted his charges being dropped as a vindication when, sadly, they all but told him that he wasn't big enough a threat to have to jail. As Mike and Dee will tell you, that's because he won't trouble himself to go back to his old house. To hear him tell it, he's being persecuted by me, his wife's son and her friends Connie and Annie. It's a good thing that he doesn't realize that his being an ugly, arrogant fool is the best thing for Mike at this point in his life or that his vulgar boast that he'd stay away from the Pattermnase is what got him off; if he did, he'd probably harrass a public official and whine about ingratitude.

As for Mike himself, he's going to have Canadian Thanksgiving dinner with us; he says that he looks forward to seeing a turkey dinner that doesn't resemble a three-ring circus. Deanna hasn't quite figured out how to manage the November dinner because, as you may or may not know, there's no Canadian holiday at that time of the year; it's a good thing that she, Liz and Anthony have hit on their plan for the Caines and April (unless she's made plans of her own to go to Manitoba) to celebrate Christmas in Colorado. That way, they can avoid having to listen to John shoot his mouth off about how cruel his fate is. That is, of course, if he misses them at all; as I said earlier, solitude agrees with him as well as Elly's current living arrangements agree with her.

At least Merrie and Robin are doing well; Dee will tell you more about that but they like their new home just fine. All they want is for their Dad to come home and not be near the creepy guy with the trains. I want that too but he has three more months in Milboring; at least they'll be reasonably quiet ones.

In any event, I'll have to part company with you for the month; walkathons for breast cancer don't organize themselves, after all.

Until then,

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