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April's Letter, October 1, 2009

Hey, folks! It's April writing from lovely Johnston Hall at Guelph. I have got to make this fast because I've got soooooooooooooo much work to do. Everyone warned me, but I guess that doesn't really help. I'm trying not to panic and I can't stop thinking about exams being just over two and a half weeks away!

Today I got the e-confirmation from plane tickets that Claire bought for me to visit her in Vancouver during the February break. I'll leave on February 13 and return on the 21st. I am going to stay here during Thanksgiving (study, study, work, work), but Mike wants me to visit with him, Dee, and the kids during Christmas. Dee promises they won't expect babysitting, but I'll probably offer. I don't mind if I'm the one offering.

My roommate is an English major named Lisa. She's nice, but I don't think she can really relate to how stressed the science majors like me are! But the good news is that she agreed to run with me in the United Way 5K Fun Run on October 22. Also, we've both been doing the 'Skip a Meal' Fall Campaign.

If you read Dad's "pets" letter, you know that Mom is in the ha-ha hotel. (Sorry that sounds so mean, but she thought I was Dad's hygienist, remember?) Dad is being Dad. At least Liz tells me that Françoise and Jamie are doing well.

Better go, I still have stuff to finish up for class tomorrow....

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