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The Pets' Letter, October 2009

Well, here it is October. April is no longer here at the house, since she’s at school. Elly has moved into the Milborough Centre for Mental Health. I have to say, Elly's been very relaxed about the mental health facility where she lives now. She was concerned that she wouldn't be able to "let go" of the house, but she's been so busy working on decorating her new place that she's become totally absorbed in it, and hasn't worried about me or anything else going on around her. Chee, all except the Pets’ letter. No sharp objects for Elly, like a writing utensil. That’s why I am writing this for her. I have never written one before. It was always April, Liz, Elly or Deanna’s job to take care of the pets, even their letters. What to write about the pets? We only have one left, with Mike giving away the rabbit last month.

I’ve got the time to write something. I've tamed our lawn, and trimmed the trees George Stibbs had so carefully cultivated. I had been hoping to get more of my railway tracks laid out before the winter came, but life (or rather the legal system) seemed to intervene. It's alright though – the courts are very understanding of a man, with no criminal record (aside from a few speeding tickets) who has a temporary outburst in a very stressful situation. Once the judge was aware of just how far gone Elly was mentally and heard my sincere apologies for my behaviour, he was very sympathetic. “Girls are weird,” he said. Also, I cannot stress how important it is to be a man who has contributed financially to most successful businesses and judicial campaigns in Milborough. Anthony Caine has certainly come through, pointing out those financial contributions. He always was incredibly reliable.

I’d like to spend the winter in my workshop, cleaning and restoring my buildings and creating new ones. I have quite the little town, as a matter of fact. There's a general store, a station house, a government office building, churches, a well, a tiny cemetery, water tower, fire station, and all kinds of other scale-model landmarks. I have enough plans to keep me happy all winter, yessiree.

It is kind of lonely here without Elly. If I dress up our dog, Edgar, in Elly’s old underwear and let him in the workshop with me, it’s kind of like having Elly here with me, except not as noisy and a little hairier. Edgar looks pretty funny in Elly’s bra and panties. If Elly saw him, I’m sure she would get a big laugh out of it (when no one else was around). Elly never liked to laugh in front of the kids. She says it would give them the wrong idea.

We're going to have good times in this place, Edgar and me. I can feel it in my bones (along with a little arthritis for both of us) and I look forward to the future and all that it brings. Looking forward to talking to you next month!

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