Ana (yellowallamanda) wrote in binky_betsy,

A n00b's silly question...

I saw some biographies of minor characters on this community, and I was thinking of creating one for Pablo for very stupid reasons (I'm Brazilian).

I would like to know when Lawrence was born. I'm sorry for the dumb question, but I'm fairly If Lawrence was born before 1985... It would be too corny if I were to kill Pablo?

Connie's reunion with Pablo would only be her imagining what would happen if the two were to meet again... Before learning he probably got killed before their child was born.

I just thought Pablo would be the kind of person who would get arrested or killed if he ever dreamed of returning to Brazil before 1985, when the Brazilian Military Dictatorship ended.

Maybe he decided returning to Brazil to visit relatives or even was sent there and shit happened.

I'm probably being stupid and offensive, though.

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