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Facebook Readers Discuss Their Favourite Storylines

Who'da thunk it?  They love Farley stories and Lawrence coming out.  Oh, and when Anthony and Elizabeth got together and learned the real meaning of For Better or For Worse (one hopes Anthony understood it a bit better the second time he said his vows).


Hey everyone - what was your favourite FBorFW storyline? Inquiring minds want to know, for something that we're working on. Thanks for your time.

Lexa N: I absolutely LOVED the story about Lawrence coming out.

Cheri G D: The story where Iris tells newly wed Elizabeth and Anthony the true meaning of For Better or For Worse.

Tim B: The entire Anthony and Elizabeth story, especially the part where Anthony rescues her stalker.

Jim I: I enjoyed reading about Mike and Weed in college. It made me realize that spreading my wings was a good thing to do.

Erika V: Farley's story...

John S: The longer storylines, in general. What's wonderful about going back to earlier strips is seeing characters that might have been minor characters appearing here or there later getting their own stories.

For instance, I just saw little Candace in one book, and Becky has been April's friend since daycare. And there's Deanna, of course. :0)

Mia P: Farley's story was so sweet, when he died saving april. I grew up with this strip, the pattersons felt like friends!

Samantha W: The birth of April. I still chuckle at the panel where John gets home knowing Elly is in labor, but he hasn't been able to call or get to her .. and sees a Pizza Delivery truck in the driveway. HAHAHA

And/or the wedding one... where John loses his watch in the dumpster. I think it was Phil and Georgia's wedding?

Mia P: ooh, when Iris tells Liz and Anthony what it means, for better or for worse, that was an amazing strip! LOVED THAT ONE!

Nicole H: A lot of favourites mentioned here, which I agree with for sure. But I always enjoyed "a teenager in the house" when Michael was a young teen. Lots of funny times there. I especially thought AUNT FIONA

Nicole H: was a scream! I'd love to see what happened to her.

Devin S: I was a teenager at the time, so the Michael/Martha summer camp teenage-angst storyline has always been a favourite.

Mario R: FBorW has made me cry more than any other comic strip. ... Revision: no other comic strip has *ever* made me cry. But Ms Johnston succeeded, over and over. Farley. Lawrence's acceptance by his father. April's seeing her grandmother -- thus telegraphing to the readers that the grandmother has just died. And the poignancy of Grandpa Jim's ... Read morefailing health and Iris's patient, loving care of him. There are times I would cheerfully throttle Ms Johnston, I tell ya. But of all these ... Farley and Lawrence. Absolutely.

Janice Z: There were so many wonderful & touching storylines -

the death of Ellie's mother, the birth of April, Ellie's bookstore, Farley saving April, Lawrence's coming out, Elizabeth's adventures in Mtigwaki but I think my favorite was the saga of Elizabeth and Anthony's relationship, ending in such a happy way. Thank you, Lynn, for years of enjoyment!

Don H: All of it, but especially Farley's story!

Tanya W: I agree, there were a lot of touching storylines, and funny ones too. I particularly likedFarley's story, and Grandpa Jim's aphasia, and when Lawrence came out.

Judith N C: When Farley saved April. My paper didn't carry the strip, so I would rush to work and grab the one there and read what happened. It was happy and sad at the same time.

Barbara W T: Sad as it was, gotta be when Farley saved April.

Ginny Y: I'm with you on that one. Only time a comic strip made me cry.

Kathy G F: I have 2 favorites: When Farley saved April and ALL of April's life. April is the same age as my oldest daughter, who was born the July after April came into their lives. It was nice to see her age normally, rather than "ageless"like some comic strips (how long have Blondie's kids been teenagers!)

Michelle W M: there are so many favorites but I would have to say Farley was my favorite.

Sue B: I would have to agree with the everyone who mentioned when Farley saved April. I also loved the whole story of Elly's pregnancy with April and her birth. But my favorite was the last daytime strip, when Iris told Elizabeth & Anthony about the true meaning of "for better or for worse" When that came out I was only a couple days out of surgery for ... Read morebreast cancer. My husband was amazing throughout everything and he truely knew the meaning of it also. I cried like a baby the day that strip came out.

Julie C R: Farley saving April, April seeing her grandmother, Iris explaining "for better or for worse", any Jim columns recognizing Veterans of War, when Elly discovered she was pregnant with April, OH SO MANY! It's like asking what part of your LIFE stands out! :-)

Beverly J R: Michaell did everything shortly before I did: first kiss, romantic complications, getting married, babies... I also appreciated reading about what would come next in my own life ;-)

Lara B: My Favorite thing was Deanna being pregnant with Meredith, and Meredith's early life Since I have a daughter two weeks older than Meredith would be (nearly 7 now) ... and now Michael going into First Grade at age 7? (Much Like my daughter is now) I loved everything... and I first started reading the strip with my mom When Michael was doing it first several years ago, since he and my brother were close in age...

Anne M M: All of the above!! Amazing storylines. I have never been a fan of soap operas, or reality tv...or whatever...they could never compete with Lynn's incredible talents as an illustrator and author. As for my favorites....Aprils birth for sure. My husband was transferred from NH to NY during that time and I was so afraid that our new newspaper would not carry FBOFW! No problem...Lynn is everywhere around here! And then there is Farley......:-(

Julie J Q: I have loved many of the story lines. One of my favorites is April and Shannon's friendship.

To go along with the more popular choices, I too very much enjoyed Michael and Deana's life together.

Lisa R: Farley dying - still gets me choked up thinking about it.

Jaime L: I have 2 favorites that stand out. The whole pregnancy with April from the shock of it to being in a snow storm when she was born, and then when Michael and Deanna met again at her accident and he realized it was Deanna and he needed to care about a story more not the sensationalizm.

Alice Marie L: When John & his brother-in-law got stranded at the island; and also when Liz & Anthony knew they were for each other.

Jenny P: Anything with Elizabeth from high school...she was my "comic twin" growing up. I've always loved Elizabeth's story lines!

Isabel B: I really enjoyed Deanna and Mike's first apartment, first baby. I loved the landlady (forgot her name) and the petty feuds with the downstairs neighbors. How nice to see them start out married life together.

Gregory W: Lawrence coming out. Great, sensitive stuff. Love Michael's reaction--the friendly punch in the arm!

Charlotte D: Anthony and Elizabeth finally getting together

Tom P: The whole Anthony and Elizabeth story.

Elizabeth A F: Lawrence coming out.

Kathy M D: when Farley passed away saving April........I remember that like yesterday. It actually made me cry

Jane F R: There were so many great ones however having worked as a news photographer for over 20 years, it's Mike & Weed working together as writer & photographer.... I used to put the strips up in the darkroom or on my editor's desk.

Barb C: I only found FBorFW about the time April was born so am loving the neat little guy Mike was. So glad it is on line as for about 4 months a year I don't get a daily paper.

Kelly G: Mike and Deanna's early married life, living on a tight income, just being there for each other and the baby :) also, Elizabeth is a year younger than I am, so any of her storylines are great :)

Jan M: My favourite storyline is Elizabth and Anthony's lifelong relationship and romance. But a close second was Michael and Deanna's apartment turmoil that ended in the fire.

Debra S: Farley's story. I always cry when I go to your site and read it over and over again. My S-I-L is from N York Ont and her mom (who's also a big fan) gave her and my bro a signed copy of Silver. If just if they would let me look at it when I'm there.


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