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Facebook Group Updates

After the glurge-fest a few weeks ago, I didn't look for a bit, but now find that there's actually stuff worth reading!


First off, they posted the video which prompted Lynn to write about the wonders of old people (just the ones who aren’t all morose and gloomy), which elicited the following responses:

Kay W: like this too.

Angela C: Both the film and Lynn's comments make me think about the "old people" in my life and the thing is the eldest ones don't seem old to me. Sure, they may walk more carefullly now or struggle to hear sometimes but they have such rich stories and experiences to share.

Jean W: Very touching video! Thanks for the link!

Alice Marie L: Watching the film is quite emotional and what Lynn says is very important. We do need to remember our elderly, they are living longer, and with less health issues, and they have so much wisdom to offer.

Jo Ella K: You would not think a film so short could move you to tears. Most of my elderly family members have pasted. I hope I listened to them as I should have. I have an elderly friend that I visit in the nursing home. It is hard to go there. But every time when I leave I feel so blessed. I probably get more out of it then she does. Most people do not realize what they are missing out on when they don't visit.

Rose K: This is beautiful. I think its one of the most touching films I've ever seen.. thank you for posting this :)

Judi F: Thanks so much for sharing this post. The elderly are so important. I have my father and father in law both in their last years of life. They have lived so long and seen so much. Now it's tough to have a conversation with them and I wish I had asked so many questions sooner.

Better than this, they also posted the article celebrating the new-ruins and asked, “What do YOU think about the new runs?” 23 people like the article and 34 commented (below are a sample – mostly just the comments that say more than just smiley faces and agreeing with other posters):

Jim I: I'm a huge fan of the hybrid strips. I wasn't a follower during their original run, because I am the same age as Michael.

I am glad the strip has continued in its current form, and hope that it maintains the course for as long as Lynn is able. FBoFW is a great start to the day.

Rachel P: I'm enjoying the look back down Memory Lane. I started reading your strip a couple of years after April was born. So, it has been fun catching up on all the history and everything that happened before I started following your strip. :)

At first I was a bit skeptical about the rerun idea. But now after this year has passed (gosh, that went by fast), I think it was a brilliant idea. Thanks for sharing the Patterson family with us! :)

Betty M S: I would love to see them but the local newspaper was one of the ones to discontinue the strip. Now that the subscription has run out, that was one of the many factors involved in my decision to stop taking the newspaper.

John S: It's fun to see the same ideas presented from a different viewpoint.

Susan C R: It took some getting used to, and I still wish I could have seen it continue as it was. But, after getting used to it I really am enjoying it now as well.

Lois R: I never thought I would appreciate the re-runs, but I'm really enjoying them all over again. They are still so appropriate and timely.

Doris D: After 20 years it is all new again. People do not change.

Beth Anne B-C: I still miss it...I would have loved to see it go on and on and on...but I'll always be a fan and always read whatever there is to read. :)

Gregory W: I think it's really great. Lynn is an exceptional talent, and this is a very tricky and risky thing to attempt. She succeeds far beyond expectations, and continues to entertain and enlighten. Knowing what we do about the family makes some of her new-runs so much more poignant. We are lucky she chooses to continue!

Julie C R: I can only read them online, as our local paper no longer runs them. But then I dumped our paper! Anyway, l'm having fun, but would have loved to follow Elly and John to their natural conclusion, too.

Kathleen S: I would have loved for Lynn to continue to draw new strips forever. Since that isn't going to happen, I am trilled to take a walk down memory lane with the revamped old ones. I find them a little like looking at old family photos or scrapbooks. They make me smile and keep me connected to the people in them.

Mary H: I loved the strip in its old form and love it now. Subscribe via my Google reader. The strip is a gift from Lynn either way. I am happy that she has been able to gracefully downsize the strip - a lesson for all of us of a certain age...

Al R: I'd rather see more new content, although it's interesting to see the originals...

Finally, an update on the Farley plush, complete with gush after gush about how cute it is, how much they all want one for Christmas, and these two gems:

Margie M: You look like you just found your long lost friend. He is great

Peggy H M B: oh wow. Having seen one of the prototypes over a year ago I am sure you have felt that this is like a VERY long pregnancy! Cracked up when I read your description of the 'torture test'. And after all that is done to him he will sit on your mantle (what is left of him, that is) and smile! And they say only cats have 9 lives!


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