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A Note from Lynn.....

clio_1 has just warned me that Lynn has decided to update her blog again with something she thinks is inspirational. What it is is a self-congratulatory piece of nonsense that maketh enraged the heart of snarkers and will inspire reams of glurgey bullcrap from Inmen.

Lynn wrote the following after a friend sent her this short Greek film (well worth watching)

Kate I went to see Anna H. yesterday. She's 87 and was a great friend of Ruth's. Katie had promised to give her some lupin seeds and had shelled a bowlful for her. I called, thinking she was surely busy with her family on a holiday weekend, but she was alone at home and so glad for the company. We stayed for tea and as we were leaving, she hugged us both and said she had lived far too long.

She later called me to thank me again for the roses I brought and said that it must have been hard for us to visit an old person! I was stunned. I guess she has a good relationship with her daughters, but they have their own lives and Anna is very undemanding. She has lost 2 sons and her husband and many of her good friends have gone...and I guess she spends a lot of time alone. I had no idea. She is bright and kind and wise and I'm going to see her much more often.

I DO enjoy visiting with "old people"- as does Kate, surprisingly. It was her idea to go and visit Anna. After all...I'm on my way to being an old person, and Anna is another friend who is giving this part of the journey all she has to give, without complaint and without reliance on anyone else- if possible. It's people like Anna who are teaching me "how to do it"!!

Anyway, the video reminded me that it's so important to include our elders whenever we can, to learn from them, to cherish them and to keep making memories with them- because, there will come a day when that's all we have.


You will note the following annoying things:

  1. Lynn has no idea what goes on around her because she's too incurious to do so.

  2. Lynn was genuinely unaware that an eighty-seven year old woman living on her own might spend a lot of time alone.

  3. She spouts that annoying garbage about how she likes it that the suffering masses do so in silence thereby not being evil people who want her to think about someone who isn't her.

  4. She only visited this person because Kate suggested it; has she not done so, she would never have known Anna existed.

  5. Lynn totally missed the point of the film.

  6. This whole thing is really her way of bitching that Aaron doesn't pay her enough attention.

  7. Lynn is great at relating what she sees but lousy at determining motives; it is, for instance, quite possible that Anna has a great relationship with her surviving family but Lynn cannot seem to figure that out. For her, visible proof is needed as her imagination is defective.


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