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Gordon's letter, September 2009

Hello, there; you've already read everyone else's letter by now so you know about all the madness at Doctor P's place. As Trace said, I'm taking it almost as bad as Mike, Liz, April and, in his own odd way, Anthony. I mean, I did use to think of John and Elly as the parents I would have liked to have had for the longest time. It's hard to look at a house that's as well-lit as theirs was and know how much darkness was in it all along. I wasn't there to see the Fall of the House of Patterson but from what Mike tells me, it seems obvious that things would have blown over and all their problems with Elly would have ended if John hadn't acted like a big, ugly jerk and proven the fears she had right. As I write this, she's in the hospital thinking that she's at a hotel (because the house is being sprayed for silverfish) while he's at Doctor McCaulay's house with an ankle bracelet around his leg being watched like a hawk; this sort of freelance imprisonment will last until he gets arraigned on the eleventh. According to Brad, the Crown Attorney plans on making an example of him; that's because he, like Trace, wants to clean things up around here and needs an example of What's Wrong with Milborough. To put it bluntly, EX-Doctor P's going to end up being Rod Harvey's own Willie Horton. Like she said, we need help becoming something that isn't an example of what not to do and how not to live; once she gets rid of that old dinosaur the Tory machine keeps sending to Ottawa, we can maybe get an apology from someone for turning this place into a God-damned Petri dish. It's bad enough that the AECL and DND planted radio-isotopes in the soil to see what would happen to wildlife in case of a radiation leak; the Fed's decision to send all the Eastern Europeans to the sticks where they'd a) be out of sight and b) wouldn't be able to tell the media that they objected to being mutated just added insult to injury. Once we have better schools, better roads and a Go-Train terminal, we won't be a joke or warning.

That's for another day; the mess John created because he thought he was being made a fool of is still messing Mike up in the here and now. I remember the pained look on his face when he had to explain to Anthony that John couldn't help with fixing up the Train House even if he wanted to because it would violate the terms of his restraining order. It's hard to remember that Anthony simply can't pick up on things like that, but we just have to be patient. When you add the fact that John is not actually Mike's father to the rest of the crap he's dealing with, you can see why he's not up to talking too much. If I were him, I know my mind would be racing, trying to figure out where things are. It's sort of sad to say but Anthony is the only person in the world left that's still trying to help cushion John and Elly's fall. The rest of us are there for the ones they left behind while they're still here. It'll be a sad day when Michael leaves for good in a few months; that means that, since I expect John will spend a few years in prison and Elly just as long in therapy and (let's be honest) neither of them are ever coming back, the Pattersons will simply be another dark legend that haunts this town of misshapen people with odd last names. They'll be whispering stories about the dentist with the toy trains and his crazy wife long after the lives behind the lines have ended.

I'd better wrap things up; I'm helping Trace work out the best schedule for the courses she needs to take. No sense not being prepared, right? John didn't believe in being prepared and look what it got him: jail time and a youngest daughter that damned near drowned. Let's hope that the best times are yet to come because the past sucked.

Till then, yours,

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