Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
Binky Betsy

Friday, September 23

Panel 1: What are they going to do, a welcome-home dance? Anyway, Elly gets nervous when large animals charge out of the front door at her, remember?

Panel 2: April, STOP snorting that Ritalin. The dogs look more irritated at her than excited at the prospect of Elly's return.

Panel 3: WTF? Is April playing a joke, or just utterly clueless? For cryin' out loud, Elly's glasses flew off!

Panel 4: Ha ha...ha. ETA: Okay, in light of others' comments, I'm changing my assessment to "WTG, April! That'll show Elly for dissing you on your return home/first week of high school!" In fact, that's probably precisely why she did this: she wanted to give Elly an "enthusiastic" reception because she herself didn't get any reception at all!

So that's it. And tomorrow will be the Mary Worth-style summation: "Well, I was in jail, and I found another suitor for Liz! Radio sucks, and I ran over a possum!"
Tags: pets, the martian creature

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