dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Friday, 4 September 2009

Now that Deanna's back, it's pretty obvious that Lynn is trying to rip off do her tribute to the Charlie Brown special that had Linus and Lucy leave town; as in the cartoon, the Sobinskis head back to Milboring because Wilf hated the new job. This, of course, will only inflame Mira and make her redouble her efforts to evilly pursue success without seeking approval from the Sainted Pattersons beforehand.

This will have to happen later; right now, we're building up to the reprint aprilp_katje deconstructed Wednesday.

Panel 1: We start the strip with Miss Campbell standing in front of a blackboard affixed to the wall because Lynn is unaware that it's been replaced by a more portable whiteboard; she tells the class that they're going to be spending most of the morning getting to know one another.

Panel 2: As Michael starts to copy what he saw on the blackboard (My name is Miss Campbell) on a sheet of paper, she says that they're also going to look at some of the things that they'll be learning through the year.

Panel 3: Michael is shocked when she refers to him by name and tells him to please pay attention; it seems to me that his literal-mindedness, tendency to zone out and hatred of being brought out of his reverie is a foreshadowing of his TICKA-TACKA-TICKA-TAP future.

Panel 4: He turns to Lawrence and whispers "I wonder why they always say pay attention."

Panel 5: Lawrence whispers back "'Cause if you don't, it's gonna cost ya."

Summary: He'll be whining that his teacher actually expects him to do things to earn his grades in no time; luckily for him, he'll finally find people who are willing to hand him shit for doing sweet dick all: his publishers and his wife. Not that I really sympathize with the teacher, though; she impresses me as being as thin-skinned as Elly.

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