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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

A year ago today, Mike was asking Elly if he could have a puppy and being told that he had better get that idea out of his head; we know how well that worked out. Today, we start him in elementary school as a lead-in to years of his being an indifferent-at-best scholar and thus inheriting his mother's genius. As class begins, Elly and the other mothers listen to his first-grade teacher deliver a wall of text.

Panel 1: We start off the proceedings by confirming that Lynn thinks that preschool and kindergarten are the same damned thing; that's because the teacher, a Miss Campbell, welcomes Elly, Zombie Mike and the army of silhouettes surrounding them to an orientation to Grade One; as she drones on, Elly thinks to herself that this is interesting.

Panel 2: That's because she's noticed just now that things haven't changed much since she was an indifferent scholar who whined about how HARRRRRD her coursework was and how much she HAAAAATED it; she says to herself that there are the same things on the walls, things looks the same, smell the same and sound the same. She's so busy remembering the pas, that she's tuned out Mike's teacher.

Panel 3: She's brought out of her reverie as Miss Campbell states that what she said was about to say is important so she hopes that everyone was paying attention.

Panel 4: Elly inadvertantly reveals the real reason that she never got her degree as she shamefacedly admits that everything even feels the same; that's because she was always being told to focus on what she was doing instead of drifting off to Oz.

Summary: As I suggested, Mike Liz and, to a lesser extent, April (her ability to focus is explained by the presence of someone patient enough *coughJIMcough* to help her with her work) all inherited Elly's tendency to lack focus and resent the imposition of structure that homework represents. Also, you will note that Lynn goes out of her way to avoid the dreaded title "Ms." as it reminds her of the career women she fears and loathes.

ETA: Here's a crappy banner to celebrate Autumn.

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