forworse (forworse) wrote in binky_betsy,

Facebook Group Comments: third week of August

The number of new fans has reached 1,169, but the number of comments has slowed to a trickle:

Constance V: I just finished reading your book, Suddenly Silver, and I enjoy reading it. I wonder if you will have the 30th anniversary book out?

Brenda M: I have been reading this comic strip daily for years and years. Since the very beginning. I love it! But really miss the kids all grown up.

Jim F: best EVER comic strip

Kelly G: Is it just me, or is the "old" john kind of a jerk?

Tina B-K: agree, glad he matured with age..

The votes are in from last week's question about the games on the official site: there will be more trivia games in the future!  Those of you who were holding your breath in anticipation can now exhale.

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