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Saturday, 15 August 2009

If Lynn insists on not explaining things, we're about to see Mike look like a first-class jerkwad because he's just as bored by the lake as he is at home.

Panel one: A frowning Mike walks along the beach. He doesn't seem to notice the beautiful scenery around him and he doesn't show signs of wanting to join the children having fun in the lake. According to Lynn he's upset that his mean parents are making him miss his cartoons and telling him to go play in Nature because it's good for him. They may want to play in the woods but that doesn't mean he'll enjoy it too. The real reason is a bit more complex and has to do with his not knowing that he could, if he wanted to, join them.
Panel two: As other kids enjoy themselves and play on the swings and in the sandbox, he frowns and picks up a stick. Lynn wants us to think that the reason he doesn't do so is that if he has fun, his parents win. The real reason is that he doesn't know that's an option because he was told to do something, not to go play with the other kids. Small children can be terribly literal-minded, after all; a lot of the time, you do have to spell things out exactly.
Panel three: He angrily pulls the leaves off the stick instead of joining all the people having fun fishing. Again, he wasn't told to fish so he simply doesn't know that he can. Worse still, it's an indication of something he's missing: parents who don't begrudge him attention out of selfishness and stupidity.
Panel 4: Mike folds his arms across his chest and mopes, "I hate camping, Mom. There's nothing to do."; this causes Elly, who has a frying pan in one hand and a bucket full of water in the other, to be as gobsmacked as she was yesterday.

Summary: Once again, Elly's stupid and useless idea that if you yell "DO SOMETHING!!" at a small child, he or she will automatically know what you mean comes back to haunt her; no matter how many times it yields a bored, confused and restive child, she'll never learn that it doesn't work.

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