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Friday, 14 August 2009

Since I don't expect an explanatory new-ruin that shows us what's going on between the lines, I think we're going to be subjected to this oldie-but-baddie:

Panel 1: A smiling, kerchief-wearing Elly has the camping stove set up on a picnic table. John pops his head out of the tent (with Mike at his elbow) and says "M-m-boy! I love the smell of bacon and eggs!!"
Panel 2: We're at the picnic table after breakfast; Liz seems to be approximately on John's lap as he sits back with his arms folded behind his head. As he says "Camped by a lake with a crackling fire, a cool breeze--what a life!", Elly cleans the dishes (having not thought to buy disposable plates and cutlery like a regular person) as a smiling, filthy-faced Mike watches.
Panel 3: As Elly sweeps out the tent, John asks "Don't you just love getting away from it all?"; this causes her to frown in disbelief.
Summary: This is because Elly's doing housework, like the feelings of inadequacy his ogling pretty girls in front of her provoke, simply doesn't register in his brain. Since that's what she's "there for", watching her do it washes over him like the fool he is.

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