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Thursday, 13 August 2009

If there's no padding today, we're going to end up watching Elly fume as John makes an embarrassment of himself ogling girls while the wife and kiddies look on from the lakeshore.

Panel 1: We see the family at the beach; as Lizzie crawls on the sand, John, who's holding a towel to his ear, asks a suddenly-obese Elly if she could hand him his glasses.

Panel 2: As John charges down to the water with a sickening leer plastered on his stupid face, Elly, who has to contend with Barnacle Lizzie trying to pull down her swimsuit straps, asks him why he needs his glasses if he's going swimming again.

Panel 3: We next see him surrounded by young women in bikinis with an even more alarming look on his face as he looks over his shoulder at Elly and says "So I can see!"

Summary: Our boy knows damned well that women know when they're being mentally undressed by a slavering wanna-be sex fiend; he just doesn't give a rodent's hindquarters. He cares what they think even less than how that makes Elly feel; that being said, we can prepare for a storm of letters on CT that join me in condemning the repulsive dickweed.

ETA: Lynn is using the banner to remind us that the Pattersons are camping by the lake right now.

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