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Facebook Group Comments: first week of August

If you think you want to know more...


Bernadette: "After making it known that fbfw would no longer be shown in our local paper because there wouldn't be any more original strips the publisher asked readers to pick which comics were their favorites (they were planning on dropping other strips as well) I let them know that they were making a big mistake. The number of letters they received agreeing with me was amazing. I didn't understand their choice then and still don't. They still print 'Peanuts' and we all know that they're not new."

Oh Bernadette, don't tell Lynn that Sparky is still doing better than she is. He's in the Louvre and, to add insult to injury, he's in your local paper despite the letter you wrote the editor telling them that they were making a big mistake. Fortunately for Bernadette, other loyal fans have told her how to read the strip on-line at No one mentioned the official FBorFW site.

Stephen: "Its the best example I can think of in terms of "art imitates life"!"

Joan has written a two-part post, which is not for the faint of heart. The most snark-worthy parts: "...last week I discovered the FBOFW website...I just finished the August 31st, 2008 page, where Lynn says goodbye - and my face is covered with tears...Lynn, everything you write about touches my heart. ... As far as I'm concerned, Lynn Johnston's philosophy of life is synonymous with "family values". ... Also, my dad had multiple strokes, aphasia, the whole nine yards. You touch the heart when you write about these things. ... With the advent of laptops and voice-to-text software, you could write books and take cruises at the same time. ... I would love, absolutely love, to read books - I mean novels - written by you. That is, if that's something you'd like to do."

Please, Joan, don't encourage her. Maybe soon you'll discover the monthly letters on the official site and see just what happens when Lynn tries to write a novel. I know how bad it is. As part of a separate snark project I'm working on, I copied out everything relating to Stone Season and put it all together in one document. Then I made my husband read it. He's still speaking to me, but only just...

Jim (not Inman): "Our paper doesn't carry your strip anymore. Too bad for them. I can still enjoy your work online."

Yes, too bad for them.

Finally, news from Corbeil: "Hi there everyone! We were asked to update our Memory Matchup game with new images, so we made a second version of the game featuring Grandpa Jim and Iris that you can play here -" above a drawing of Jim and Iris sitting on a park bench. This has elicited a comment from Joan (above): "Good game for my 69-year-old mind, such as it is." Seven people like this.


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