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Dee's Letter


I know Mike's told you the big news... his mother was arrested on kidnapping charges. His father was arrested for being a donkey to the police, interfering with Elly's arrest, making a terroristic threat towards Anthony (which I seriously doubt Antony will press charges on). In addition, I think he's going to be charged with spousal abuse for letting Elly get so bad and for hitting her when the police were there... I think the attorney's office is going to use that if something else slips. Elly is also going to be charged with animal cruelty, breaking and entering, pretty theft, and a few other smaller crimes. We're hoping that the senior Patterson's will be able to get mental health instead of serving time, but we don't know.

I'm still not looking forward to returning to the house, which we will have to do until December, when Mike will fulfill all his on campus requirements for his master's degree. Mike has really been working hard- he took 12 hours this winter, a maymester worth 6 credit hours and his work on his novel (aka his thesis) and his teaching counted towards 9 more hours. He's registered for 12 hours this fall, and he can complete the last 5 hours next year via the internet and finish his thesis. He would have to fly back for his defense in March, but that's okay. We'll be free.

I'm seriously thinking of taking Lira up on her offer to home school Merrie with her two kids this fall and keep the kids out of any residual mess that might result from their grandparent's actions.. but I'm also afraid of how “crunchy” I've become. We feed our children only organic food now, we live on a farm/folk school, the television has become a memory. It takes me five minutes to clean the dirt from my daughter's feet on a good day, and she's declared herself to be a vegetarian. My autistic son is starting to express feelings, emotions, and interact with the world outside. I belly dance, sew some of my own clothes, can my own food, and call the thrift store the recycled fashion center. My husband is a writer, World of Warcraft recovering addict, and now is playing in a D&D game. We get some interesting looks from some of the folks at church... but I've never been so content in my life. Rebeka, our house sitter, calls herself a 'mountain soul'. I know what she means.

Speaking of our house sitter- she has had some great news. She found a job that pays her 30% more than she was making! More than that, she loves our house and is wants to lease it from us with an eye towards buying it. And, in a strange turn of events, she has found herself nearly semi-involved with Tim, Mike's friend who was in an abusive relationship. Rebeka and Tim have decided to delay a relationship until Tim completes a course of counseling to help him figure out why he stayed in such a bad relationship for so long. Not to mention that Tim has two daughters.

I'm hopeful. I'm more than that though... I'm happy. And with luck, Mike and I might have some great news to share with you soon.

Until next time,


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