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Mira's letter, August 2009

Hello, again; as I write this, I've just returned from making the rounds with Andrea and Deanna. As you know, my older daughter has had a rather bad scare and still needs a little propping up emotionally. That's because Sean is at the uncomfortable question stage of his childhood and it sort of alarms her to have to contemplate her mortality at this stage of the game. Still, they're isolated from most of the drama out West so they have the peace of mind to handle things.

Strangely enough, so do the people nearing the eye of the storm. Deanna, Meredith and Robin have fallen in love with Snow Valley so it makes Mike's decision to relocate there fairly simple; he might still turn out the annual selection of uplift for the masses but that'll be a sideline. Wilf and I stayed at the local EconoLodge so as to avoid the overcrowding that marred life before what Wilf still calls the Housening; not only did it give Dee and the kids the breathing room they needed having to deal with Mister Richard's loss, it's a nice way to acclimate ourselves to the future.

Now to the drama itself; as you all already know, Michael's grandfather recently passed on. The big concern, of course, was how his parents would react and how big a disruption they'd end up becoming. As Mike told you, that isn't going to be an issue: as I write this, the two of them are in jail waiting for a psych consult. That's because Elly grabbed onto some poor boy because she thought he was Lawrence Poirier and his parents filed charges. I happened to have been with Elizabeth and Anthony going over the arrangements for the memorial service when that happened and it was horrible. First off, Constable Luggsworth had to fend off a flailing loon in a horse-bun screaming about how John's hygienist (i.e. April) and her friend Claire were all plotting against her and lying to her about her parents being dead. Things would have been bad enough had Anthony not chosen to correct Doctor Patterson; you see, nobody told him that John didn't know who Claire was or that someone like her even existed. He thought that she was an attorney come to have the two of them declared incompetent so Mike and the others could loot his savings. The sudden realization that this was not the case AND that Elly "kept" this from him all these years meant that the police had to taser two old people into submission. I just wish I didn't know what Anthony meant when he pointed at John and said that "So THAT'S the hidden cost; it makes so much sense in hindsight!"

Ah, well; if they're in Hell, it's one of their own making. Besides, Liz tells me that she thinks that the two of them have been keeping a secret from Mike for years. Mike seems to know what that might be but he'll tell you himself when he confirms it.

I'll have to wrap this up, though; I've taken up enough of your time as it is and wish you a less turbulent month than the Pattersons.

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