dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

John's letter, August 2009

Hello, there; you'll have to forgive my not being able to get in touch with you for so long. Someone, well, a bunch of someones think far too highly of themselves and think I'm not doing a good job taking care of their mother. They've gone so far as to intercept my letters like I'm some sort of criminal or madman all because I don't think that there's anything much wrong with Elly that a bit more patience couldn't fix. What's worse is that they've gotten to Gordon and Tracey; they too buy into the idea that there's something rotten in the state of Patterson and I don't much like it. I've put in too much work to be treated like this. At least I can count on Anthony to be on my side. He won't turn his back on me because he knows what gratitude is; I just wish that they hadn't told him to lie about who Mike's new 'friend' (read "mouthpiece") Claire is. Oral historian, my eye; Old Lady Sobinski and the gang have hired an attractive lawyer to cut me off at the knees finance-wise. They think they've got me fooled but they don't; I told Anthony I was on to them and he more or less gave the game away; all his talk about "hidden debentures" and "negatives" he didn't want to consider but had to told me all I needed to know.

It's thus almost a good thing that Jim passed when he did. Sure, Elly insists that he's still alive but that doesn't mean anything; he's alive in her heart so his body's not living doesn't really mean much. That way, I can finally settle the score with my brood. I don't, for instance, much care for the lady Mike has taking care of the older homestead; I don't respond kindly to threats of arrest or the endless stream of complaints about the harmless stunts Elly pulls. People simply have to be more tolerant of her because of the strain she was under for so long. I mean, it's kind of unfair that April didn't spend as much time here as she liked but she had a roof over her head; others have less so she really can't complain. Sadly, she and everyone else seem to think that it's bellyaching season and it sickens me; what was so wrong with the way we lived that we have to air our dirty linen in public. If this keeps up, they might even corrupt Anthony and have him call me a jerk. Weirder stuff has happened, you know; if we live in a world where Ted can out himself, anything can happen.

If they don't seize my mail next month, I'll let you know how things go; till then,

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