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The Pets' Letter, August 2009

The Pets' Letter, August 2009

Salutations from the Patterson Zoo! It's Elly, writing on behalf of our four-legged family member, Farley the dog.

Farley has been enjoying regular walks with Michael (and sometimes Lawrence, if he gets permission from his mom) and I. My biggest problem is that Farley can’t stop getting dirty on his walks. Michael took him out with Lawrence earlier in the month and I had to wash and brush Farley 3 times that day. It seems like I have to brush him clean several times every day. He just won’t stay clean.

Farley got more than a little filthy in the yard yesterday...I should have known he'd find the muddiest spot in my garden while I was planting and roll in it. I managed to get the mutt clean again but we were both tired out by the experience. The worst part was the dog fur got all over Annie’s laundry on the clothesline and she started cursing at me and accused me of waving the dog fur around in the air so it would get on her clothes on purpose. When will Annie learn to start using a dryer for her clothes? I don’t understand it. She is so stubborn.

John has also been confusing me lately. He said I need to stop brushing Edgar so much because he has almost no fur left. What does that mean? Who's Edgar? The only people I brush are Michael and Lizzie. Sometimes I think John just says things to irritate me. For example, the other day John said that my dad died and everyone is coming back to Milborough for the funeral. That’s how John is these days. I was going to have leftovers on that day and John invites everyone over for a funeral. Now I have to cook.

Well, that's about it for now. I'm cooking up a big pot roast and I hope it’s enough for everyone.

Bark to work!

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