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Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Now that we're at hump day, it seems obvious that there's no unifying theme for the week besides the usual one: Life in Suburbia is Existential Horror. That being said, we could well see the JUST ONE COOKIE!!!! strip again. Either that or we'll see the follow-up strip to yesterday's; my guess is that Elly unhinges her jaws and yells because John ate the last doughnut.

Shit. I'm right.

Panel 1: We join Elly where we left off yesterday: spread-eagled on the fridge door with her face frozen in existential terror. She thinks to herself "I'm breaking down again. I'm going to open the fridge door."

Panel 2: Her face is now in the precursor to the Squished-up Grimace of Blind Rage as she thought-bubbles "This is it; I'm too weak to avoid temptation."

Panel 3: She reverts to the bug-eyed glare as she thinks "I've thrown out my dignity and self-respect for a lousy doughnut"

Panel 4: AS I expected, she's holding an empty plate, unhinging her jaw and yelling "AND IT's GONE!!!!!"

Summary: That's because she wanted to eat it and feel bad about it; tomorrow, when John tells her that he wanted to save her the trouble, he'll be cast as a patronizing MAN and have something thrown at him.

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