dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Monday, 20 July 2009

It occurs to me that we're about due for an extended sequence that reminds us that John supposedly thinks that Elly is silly, foolish and not worth worrying about; I'm thinking that Lynn will give me an unpleasant birthday gift Thursday: the infamous "She can be as liberated as she wants just so long as she never leaves the house" strip. The interesting thing is that if that were to happen, we'd have a connection to last Sunday's effort wherein Elly's reminding him that it was his turn to watch Mike made him act as if she were proposing that he get a vasectomy with a hedge trimmer.

As spotts1701 has noted, Elly reverses herself and transforms into Helicopter Mom.

Panel 1: That's because Mike does a 180 of his own and tries taking Lizzie's toy shovel away; she yells "MAAAAAAAHH!!!!!!!" which causes Elly to say "That's enough."

Panel 2: She then suggests that they all of them walk down to the park.

Panel 3: She next tells Lawrence that he'd better ask permission from Connie; he says that he doesn't hafta ask.

Panel 4: Lynn responds to reader complaints about Elly's behavior by having Elly say that the rule here is that you ask first.

Panel 5: Lawrence tells Connie that he's going to the park with the Pattersons.

Summary: We're in for a week that "proves" that Elly actually takes an interest in what her children are doing and wishes to share in their development.

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