dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Friday, 17 July 2009

It could be that the reprint that aprilp_katje expects to appear will do so today; if so, it will prove a point that needs to be made: Lynn doesn't actually seem to read the reprints before she puts them in the new-ruins.

This is weird; it's another vilify-Rod-by-making-John-into-a-responsible-parent strip.

Panel 1: We start with Lawrence and Mike walking away from the sandbox in defeat; Lawrence points out that Lizzie is a pain in the neck. Mike, also upset because he didn't get to play the same game as a toddler, says she's a pain in the everything.

Panel 2: Mike tells John that he and Lawrence are bored because there's nothing to do; John's suggestion that going down to the park would be good is met by the Lynnglish phrase "Nah; I dunno." meaning "I'd rather not."

Panel 3: He then suggests that they play hide and seek. Lawrence says "Grunt" and Mike translates by saying "Nah! No way".

Panel 4: John uses Lynnglish to describe what he'll do if they're just going to sit there and mope: make them help him with the yardwork.

Panel 5: Thus inspired to play instead of moan, Mike says that he'll count to twenty.

Summary: Drat that meanine John, anyhow; suggesting solutions to a problem and imposing penalties for non-compliance. It's a lot better if he let Mike sit and complain because that's what Elly would do.

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