dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 16 July 2009: prelude to a re-reprint.....

aprilp_katje has noticed that yesterday's new-ruin is a remix of the strip that might appear today:

Lawrence takes matters into his own hands and shoves Lizzie out of the sandbox; after she yells "HIM HIT NIZZIE!!!!", he angrily tells Mike "You never told me the little fink could talk."

That's so Lynn can rerun this strip Friday.

I'm close; it's a new-ruin that reminds us that a one-year-old is trying to mess up her brother's life because the son is in her eyes.

Panel 1: Mike asks Lizzie politely if he can borrow her shovel; she says NO!!

Panel 2: He says that's just gonna use it for a minute; she yells MINE!!!!!

Panel 3: She screams in anger after he says "Just a minute" and tries to take it from her.

Panel 4: As a baby-sized version of the Stormcloud Of Rage appears over hre head, she yanks it away from him.

Panel 5: Having proven that she's the Boss of Him because she's young and cute, she tosses it aside; his response is to look gobsmacked and thought-bubble exclamation points.

Summary: This week is a replacement for the strips I mentioned so it's likely that tomorrow's strip will show us that Elly doesn't care especially that her other freakishly-advanced child Doesn't Play Well With Others.

ETA: The new banner is up; it celebrates Lynn's love of the disgustingly juvenile habit of spitting watermelon seeds onto innocent civilians. Cuteness factor: negative thirty billion.

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