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Dee's Letter


I'm going to write the monthly letter. Mike has been on a writer's roll since he's gotten here, and the other professional writers have complimented him on the growth of his style. Between his work, his book, and just being a dad to Robin and Merrie, he's had very little time.

He's told me about meeting Claire, and it sounds like she's a lovely woman. I hope she comes back so I can meet her. If it looked like we were staying longer than the summer this year, I'd invite her down.

The two biggest bits of news that have come out are quite mind boggling. Mike... has been informed that if he applied and was accepted to a local college for his PhD, he would have a job here in Colorado teaching at the school for as long as he needed it. Evidently, Lira is attempting to expand her writer's colony/organic farm into a folk school with arts and crafts, creative writing, traditional arts such as spinning, dying, bookbinding and other arts at risk of dying out. She feels that we've got what it takes to improve the school, between my sewing/quilting/dancing, the kids love of the life style, and Mike's ability to teach others how to write. However, she wants to have a couple of PhDs on board.

Mike's reply is that he has a year left on his master's degree and then, pending our ability to sell the house... we'll make the move. If we need to, we'll rent it out.

The kids do love it here. Every night, I have to soak Merrie's feet in a tub of water to get the dirt out of her bare feet. She has fallen in love with her chickens and has stopped eating poultry as a result. She's tending a child's garden that Lira set up for the kids. I have found a neat troupe nearby to dance with, and have started taking Merrie and Robin to the children's classes on middle eastern dance. I love it here as well.

The other bit of news is something that I had been warned about by other parents with children with issues like Robin's. They call it the name game- titles for the problems that Robin has are switched around, thrown at them, and hopefully something that entitles them to extra help stick. . A language processing disorder has been ruled out, however, autism has been ruled in as a root cause of Robin's problems.

The medical professional in me says that this is a tentative diagnosis, but the mother in me is panicking. You don't outgrown autism. It never goes away.... Forgive me if I don't want to share my thoughts on this issue, I haven't finished being in shock.

I've talked to Iris recently... Mike and I are aware that the end is near. We are using the video hookup twice a week to talk to Jim, and I think the kids are as prepared as can be for what will happen. Mike, Robin and Merrie will fly out to attend the funeral but I'm too new in my job to take time off.

Until next time,

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