Nisie (nisie) wrote in binky_betsy,

Letter from Iris


Mike asked me if I had posted anything else on Jim's condition lately. The truth is that I've wanted to savor these last few days with him and just forget what's coming.

Elizabeth offered to fly out to see her grandfather, but I just didn't want her to risk getting her son ill. Call it being a mom, but I knew that flying out could have been painful for him and all those germs. Well people get sick after stepping off a plane, I didn't want that for her adorable little boy.

Instead, I walked her through a setting up a web cam and she talks to Jim about twice a week now using my laptop. Mike and Dee and the kids do the same thing, and April's dropped in on her gramps four times in the past week. Phil has a gig in town for about a month, so he's staying here. Elly's stopped by once but she was out of touch with reality and that was too painful an experience to be repeated.

Claire was a very sweet girl. She stopped by and introduced herself to Jim. She talked for about an hour, and then she took me out for a cup of tea. We talked for three hours and I gave her the perspective of a parent who lived through the time that Elly gave birth.

Physically, Jim isn't holding up so well. I've been told it will be about a month until the end. I really don't want to make plans for after that time, but I've started to.

If you want to know the most important thing I've learned, it is keep your family close, no matter how you do it. Please give them room to fly, no matter how you do it.


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