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April's Letter, June 2009

Hey, it's me April, with what I hope to be my last "Milborough" letter. Well, at least for a long time. It's June, so I have less than a month before I'm outta here and on my way to Manitoba for the summer and then Guelph in the fall. Yay!

So. I don't even know where to start. Let's see. Lawrence and Nick had their wedding. If you read Tracey's letter, you got the highlights. As Tracey wrote, I had a good time getting to know Lawrence's half-brother Diogo. He's pretty cool and he works on a ranch just north of Rio de Janeiro every summer. He asked me why Connie always calls his dad "Pablo" when his name is "Paolo," and I could only roll my eyes in response. I met Paolo, too, but didn't end up getting a chance to talk to him very much. There was way too much going on. Like Ted McCaulay (or is it McCauley?) coming out of the closet! You could have heard a pin drop in that moment between his announcement and the DJ taking over. Of course, Dad got all tense worrying that people would think he was Ted's date. Mike told him, "Don't worry, Dad, everyone knows you're too square for that." Which reminded him of some square model-train accessory he'd meant to buy.

In other news, I'm an aunt again (not that I stopped being one before, but you know what I mean.) James Allen was born on May 21, and he looks nothing like either of his parents. Everyone is pretty much pretending this isn't true.

So Mike and I met the surprise sister we only recently found out we have. Looking at Claire was kind of like looking at a photograph of Mom from around the time I was born, except without that harried expression Mom nearly always has. We met over lunch at Lulu's Tutu downtown, and Claire explained that she was inspired to search for her parents after she read The Girls Who Went Away by Ann Fessler. I checked it out from the library yesterday and started to read it. I'm beginning to see mom in a different way. And Gramps and Grandma Marian, too.

There's probably more stuff I'm leaving out, but I've got a bit of a head cold right now and it's making me have some trouble focusing. "Talk" to you again in another month, when I'm in Manitoba.

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