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Tracey's Letter, June 2009

Hi everybody

I'm posting this just a couple of days early because it's my parents' 40th anniversary party this weekend and I will be too busy to get it written in time.  We've barely had time to recover from Lawrence and Nick's wedding and now we're moving on to an anniversary!

What a terrific party that was!  The weather even played along and they were able to have the ceremony outside as planned.  Both guys looked handsome in their morning suits -- the jackets were quickly abandoned after the photos were finished!  We've got some hilarious photos of Gord, Lawrence, Mike and Brian together again and I was really glad to get some time to talk to Junko in person.  Her wedding was in Japan, so we were unable to go, but we've become good friends thanks to e-mail and the occasional chat using webcams.  I can never understand people who fear technology to the point that they willingly cut themselves out of all its benefits to live in some weird timewarp bubble.  Brian says he couldn't even begin to imagine how isolated his grandparents felt when they first came to Canada -- even before they were interred in camps -- just knowing that they would never see their families again unless their families also immigrated, but today we're in touch pretty much every couple of weeks, sometimes more often, sometimes less.  It's really interesting to see how different our lives have been and yet Bri is still the same old Bri, he just happens to live far away.

There were some worries about what might happen if Mike's parents came to the wedding, but Lawrence and Nick were granted a reprieve when John and Elly returned from Mexico with swine flu.  Both had recovered fairly quickly, but Elly seemed to want to drag it out as long as possible and milk it for all it was worth, so Dr P brought some friend of his to the wedding instead -- that family doctor who works (or worked?  I think he retired) in the same building with Dr P.  Turns out this was the same guy who used to date Lawrence's mother, but Lawrence was cool with it because he said the guy was OK with him, it was just his relationship with Lawrence's mother which didn't work.  I don't really know the background -- it was way before my time and I just can't relate to the idea of our parents being young and dating.  Anyway, this doctor had a bit too much to drink at the reception and grabbed the DJs mike and announced to everyone how proud he was of Lawrence, how Lawrence had been like a son to him, and how he'd always wished he had the courage to come out years ago.  There was just this moment of silence and then the DJ smoothed everything over by calling for a round of applause and then put some tunes back on and the evening continued.  Paul was off camping on a class trip (I pity the teachers, supervising all those kids!) and Rosey went to a sleepover, so we stayed right to the end and just had such a good time with everyone.  I spent some time chatting to Lawrence's sister, who has been working as a midwife and kind of got me interested in maybe doing something to help new mothers.  I remember how overwhelmed I felt when Paul was born.  Elly helped me then, back when she was able to help people; I wonder if I could help someone the way she helped me.

Oh, and I think I saw April spending a lot of time talking to Lawrence's youngest brother...Gord tells me to stop match-making.  Just because Diogo spends his summers working on a ranch is no reason to assume...  :)

Better run --


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