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The original story arc.

As you may or may not know, aprilp_katje has found the original version of this story line. The details are as follows:

  1. The original opening had them both at the airport. John was glad she was such a good sport about this trip because a lot of the other wives were upset because they were excluded from what was clearly a great place to visit. As he leaves, she mutters that he'd better not have a good time. The new version is better in Lynn's eyes because it makes John look worse; that's because it's implied that Elly was deliberately excluded from a trip she could easily have gone on because John was too cheap and selfish to hire a sitter.

  2. The next strip in sequence, which features a lonely Elly who cannot sleep without John's reassuring presence beside her wondering if feminists sleep better at nights, is also excluded because it presents John's presence as necessary and good

  3. The new-run that ran on 27 May 2009 is a rewrite of a strip that had her discuss her dinner plans with Marian; she wanted to look 'irresistible but able to resist'. The change was mandated by a desire to make new-ruin Elly look more passive.

  4. The next strip in sequence depicts the dinner itself; for some unguessable reason, a waiter make a pass at Elly and Connie says that being propositioned is a great ego-booster.

  5. This is followed by a strip that has Elly not being able to shut up about the waiter; Connie tells her to not feel guilty because John is probably beating them off with a stick. This is probably the only one that will not be changed.

  6. The next strip in sequence depicts Elly sharing a tender moment with Mike and Liz as they discuss how much they miss John when he's not around. This will either be discarded or replaced with another example of Rod-bashing by proxy.

  7. The wrap-up has Elly urge the kids to remind John how grateful they are to see him back; Mike blows it by asking him what he bought him.


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