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Thursday, 28 May 2009

I know that at some point in the "My Dinner with Connie" arc, Lynn will depict the short ones as being unfair, unreasonable and wanting Elly to be trapped listening to the pointless, boring things they say: "Do you love me, Mommy?", "Don't leave me!!" and so on and so forth. This will, of course, ruin her evening. This should not be taken, of course, as a demand that Elly stay home and tend children the rest of her life; she gets to have fun same as the rest of us. This is a reminder that Elly hates her kids.

ETA: This whole mess is a rewrite of an old-ruin story arc about a business trip John took; Elly started off hoping that he didn't enjoy himself, felt ashamed that the waiter flirted with her and felt lost without a mayyyyunnnn to make her feel secure. Once he returned, it was back to treating him like something she dug out of her earthey were a family again.

It's the exposition strip that shows her preparing for her evening out.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly on the phone to Marian. As Lizzie tries to latch onto one of the curlers she has her hair in, she tells her mother "Everything's fine, Mom; John's only going to be away for a few days."

Panel 2: She goes on to explain that Connie's picking her up at seven (because they're going out to dinner) so she'd better get going. It should be noted that Mike, who used a curler as a spyglass in Panel 1, is either smelling or about to drink Elly's perfume. Either way, Lizzie wants to have what he's having.

Panel 3: As she bathes, she muses "What luxury! Think I'll put on my black suede -- maybe dig up some flashy earrings."

Panel 4: As we see her in an unflattering lavender turtleneck, she thought-bubbles that the point is to give the impression of being irresistible while still being able to resist.

Summary: No worries, Elly; unlike the deviants that wait tables in the Patterverse, I can definitely resist you. You could dress like you were for rent and I'd still not be attracted because your toxic personality radiates from you like a bad stench.

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