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Saturday, 9 May 2009: Terminology Failure.....

Now that Mrs ShazamAnne and Mrs GorillaElly have traded juicy human interest about Mrs Mock-TudorConnie, we're probably about to see them try to figure out what to do about the horrible threat to the social ordertotal non-problem she represents. Either that, or aprilp_katje is right to assume that Mrs Gorilla will assuage her guilt at telling tales out of school by reminding herself that Mrs Mock-Tudor never said not to keep her yap shut about her love life.

Silly me; I should have realized that Lynn would try to glue her continuity back together.

Panel 1: As Lizzie and Christichard play on the floor, Elly's silhouette tells Annie's silhouette that Connie cannot let go of the past. This is because she thinks about Lawrence's dad a lot; he lives in an unspecified part of South America and has never seen or contacted his son. (It should be obvious that they think this is his fault; it would never occur to either idiot that Connie is the one to blame.)

Panel 2: Elly goes on to explain that Pablo was the love of her life; he'd promised to marry her but she came home alone and pregnant. No mention is made of why because neither party care.

Panel 3: She'd married Pete to protect Lawrence and herself from being treated like dirt by pious frauds like Annie but Pete didn't like having another man's son around so treated her like a shitheel.

Panel 4: She then went through a nasty divorce instead of pathetically clinging to a failed romance like a certain hypocritical doughhead who turned into a glorified walk-on. Said buffoon reminds Elly she was there to pick up the pieces.

Panel 5: Elly delivers an awful pun about how Connie's trying to glue them together. This tells me that Elly defines "helping a friend" the same way I define "rubbing salt in someone's wounds". Connie would have got over Pete long ago if she didn't have these deadheads rubbing her nose in things every chance they got; that's why she moved to Thunder Bay, damnit.

Summary: It's sort of obvious that Annie still doesn't realize how badly off Connie is. She's the sort of person who views bad luck as well-deserved punishment from the Ferretface-in-the-sky she thinks God is. It's as obvious as the fact that Elly has some form of brain damage; why else would she remind people of stuff they already know? Annie has heard Elly explain Connie's back story so many times, it's probably physically painful.

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