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Tracey's Letter, May 2009

Hi all

Spring is here at last.  We had more than a few frosty mornings in April which made me wonder if the buds on the trees would survive, but the sun has come out again and everything is green.  Of course the big news is Lawrence and Nick's wedding, just two weeks away.  Everything has worked out well for them.  Since they've found themselves as unofficial florists more than once, they have managed to make some contacts in the wedding industry, plus they already knew what they wanted from the start and have been very straightforward and businesslike with their plans.  They're having a large marquee-style tent erected on the grounds of Lakeshore Landscaping which is where the dinner and reception will be, saving everyone the hassle of travelling from one venue to another, and it can be used for the ceremony if the weather fails to co-operate.

As they've tried explaining, sometimes unsuccessfully, landscape design and floristry are two different things, so this will be a showcase for their landscaping work.  The ceremony will be in the rock garden area and the reception tent by the wildflower garden.  Why?  It's symbolic for them and for the relationship they have: rocks are strong, solid, supportive and eternal, and wildflowers are natural, beautiful and sometimes overlooked in favour of their flashier cousins.  The guys have shares in a vineyard down in the Niagara region, so the wines at dinner will be from there -- another little personal touch.  Ben will be doing all the music on a portable piano, including a song he composed for Lawrence and Nick.  I think it's wonderful that some people can stay on good terms with their exes, don't you think?  I mean, not everyone breaks up because someone cheated, although sometimes it seems like that around here.

The guest list?  It's pretty straightforward in terms of friends: some from Milborough, some from university, some from work -- the usual.  It's the family where it gets a bit complicated.  Lawrence's family, that is.  Nick has two older brothers, one with a long-term girlfriend and the other single, and his mother is widowed.  Lawrence has his dad Paulo (or "Pablo" as he's known for reasons no one can explain), stepmother Anabela, half-brothers Diogo (married with two daughters) and Duarte, mother Connie, stepfather Greg, stepsisters Molly (divorced, two sons) and Gayle (engaged, one daughter), so his side is a bit more crowded than Nick's with all those half-siblings and step-nephews and stuff.  And in the past few weeks we've started hearing about Lawrence's former stepfather, Pete or Peter Landry -- I wonder if he's invited too?  I guess that's a modern family, but it's strange how almost no one in Milborough has that kind of life.  I guess the closest were Liz, Anthony and Francie, and they've left. 

Brian and Junko land in Toronto Saturday afternoon, so hopefully we'll catch up maybe Sunday if they've recovered.

Will write and let you know how the wedding goes!


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