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Tuesday, March 22

"An'"s: One, in panel 3.

One of the stalls in the food court is called "Wok's Up". Ha ha...ha. That doesn't even work as a pun. Meanwhile, Becky is scoping out guys and thinking, "Doofus, hunk, nerd, foob, foob, hottie..." Huh? Only one of those terms---"hottie"---is au courant. The first three are from, like, the dark ages, when, like, Mike was this age, y'know, ancient history? And how can you tell if someone's a foob just by looking at them? I thought that was supposed to be a character judgment, not an assessment of appearance.

So in panel 2, Becky demands, "What took you so long?" I didn't know they had a set time to meet. Anyway, Becky has the predicted fit, although yesterday's prediction doesn't come true. :( "She gets disoriented in crowded places" might be a nod to Stephanie, Shannon's real-life counterpart. But again, I wish we'd seen more of the process, not just April saving the day.

Now, I assume that in panel 5, Becky means the guy walking past her when she thinks "Foob". Still, I don't see what's foobish about him, except maybe his hair. At any rate, that's a pretty lofty attitude from someone who was just sitting by herself until Saint April showed up. And if he's such a foob, why is looking at him more important than listening to April's answer to the question you asked? Perhaps this is Becky's special need, as April once noted: the need to be surrounded by guys at all times.

Will this be the end of it, I wonder? Or, tomorrow, will Becky lecture April further on the foobishness of her association with Shannon? Either is possible, I suppose. And did April buy the card? Will the evil baby shower ever be played out in the strip? Tune in next time! Gads, I WISH Lynn would pick just one storyline and stick WITH it!

Meanwhile, check out the color version of the strip. All the "extras" are either purple or a sickly shade of light blue-green. Malls really suck the life out of you, I guess.
Tags: evil becky, saint april, shan...non

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