dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Phil's letter, May 2009

Hello there from Montreal. This is Phil again and I'm in a hurry; that's because I just got off the phone with Iris and I have to be in Milborough post haste. Dad, you see, has entered hospice; his cardiologist told her that he might have another two years left but just between you, me and the grand piano, he might not live to see Liz and Anthony's anniversary. Hell, he might not live to see Lawrence and Nick's wedding. What makes things worse is that I have to tell the niece I wasn't supposed to talk about that she'll have to get her answers from the Video CD Dad gave me in case he or she ever showed up after he'd passed on. Suffice to say, he spends fifteen or twenty minutes telling us that he was as jammed up as everyone else so she or he shouldn't yell at him for doing what he did. I talked with Claire (who kind of anticipated what he was going to say) on the phone and she's agreed not to announce herself to either John or Elly until she's sure she can handle it. Not that I expect either to actually show up; Elly's too crazy and John's too selfish to deign to appear. That means it falls to me to answer for Big Sis as best as I can too. Looking forward to that, man. Anyhow, gotta dash so see you on the flipside.


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