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Mira's letter, May 2009

Hello, again. Wilf and I have just returned from visiting Andrea and her family out on the East Coast so I've been sort of out of the loop, as they say nowadays. The big news in Milborough is, of course, the low-key, tasteful wedding that Lawrence and Nick are having this Victoria Day weekend. I'll bet you're expecting me to butt in with my opinion but, quite frankly, I don't care what they do. As I said before, I've grown enough to not care who goes to bed with whom. Deanna is psyched because she'll finally attend a tasteful wedding that doesn't have to be hidden.

Speaking of which, things are finally going her way, career-wise; thanks to the Internet, she can do her job anywhere at any time. This will come in handy this summer when she's commuting between Mike's school and the hospital where Robin's being treated. It's great to see that things are going their way, despite Mike's having to spend two hundred dollars on a viral cleaning of his computer. That, and the slow-down in the industry, lend an undercurrent of anxiety to their anticipation. Almost as much anxiety as dealing with his parents. Doctor Trainguy is all bent out of shape that nobody asked his permission when they made plans to let April summer in Manitoba and wants to be a big, annoying obstacle. Not, of course, that he'll be allowed to stand in the way; he stopped being a parent when he started enabling Elly and his children react accordingly. As for Elly, after Mike and Dee are gone, their housesitter has promised to the loopy old dear thrown in jail the next time she shows up ranting about how she can smell dog poop or trying to unclog toilets.

There's only one storm cloud on the horizon: an oral historian Mike mentioned in passing Easter weekend. The woman wanted to talk about Jim and Elly Richards of Vancouver and the Saint Theresa Girl's School in North York and her attendance there in the 1968-1969 school year. What Michael and Deanna don't know is that it used to be where people like the Richardses shipped their wayward (that's "unwed and pregnant") daughters to do the "right" thing. Elizabeth and April both know they have an older sister Claire but Mike hasn't quite put it together yet. Oh, well; he has three weeks to get ready for what Liz reportedly called "Foobageddon". April tells me that when Claire appears, Elly's inevitable discovery that her past has caught up to her will make the living envy the dead.

I wish I could say she was exaggerating but she's not; Meredith will have to write a story called "Crazy Granny Rots In Jail". It's awful that someone that young has endure that much drama but it can't be helped. There is light at the end of the tunnel, though. Just eighteen more months and Milborough will be a bad memory for everyone.

That's it for this month. Next month promises to be, shall we say, stressful so Wilf might end up writing for me. If so, I'll talk to you next July. In any event, have a pleasant May.


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