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Mike and Dee's Letters

Greatings dear Readers,

It's at this fateful hour that I have finally banished the *&*# virus from my computer and am able to connect to the internet. It seems ironic- I finally get a chance to play WoW for a few minutes to take a break from school... and the next thing I know, my computer is acting crazy. I wanted to dash out this letter before catching up on my email.

The farmer's market opened this week, and I took Robin and Merrie on a treasure hunt for asparagus, rhubarb, greenhouse tomatoes and cucumbers, dried beans, spinach, parsnips, carrots and garlic greens. We added some organic chicken and beef to the mix and came home to plan our meals around the bounty. It is nice to support a community of farmers, and somehow makes me feel that I am closer to understanding what kept my aunt on the farm.

Since I've discovered how flavorful food can be when fixed fresh, my cooking enthusiasm has grown. Unlike the meals of my childhood, I now know that food can taste good as well as being good for you. I surprised Dee, who loves Chai tea, with an organic chai ice cream.

And like many parents of children with special needs, I wonder about the impact of the food that Robin eats on his wellbeing. I can't help but worry that if only we hadn't been so concerned with keeping our budget balanced, we might be experiencing a different son now. The ifs drive you crazy.

We've worked out a plan for this summer to keep his therapy going while we live at the writer's colony in Colorado. A college about fifty miles away has started research into working with kids with auditory processing problems, and Robin was accepted into the program. However, there was a two week difference between when they wanted Robin and when I finished with school. Dee will leave earlier and stay in a hotel for those two weeks, her new job offers her that level of flexibility. Merrie and I will come down as soon as I finish the last final. We will be able to watch April's graduation.

I still don't understand how we will get everything we need for a summer down to Colorado. Dee's going to have to fly out so she doesn't miss too much work, and I have to fly because I have one weekend between when I finish school and start working. I don't want to ship all the clothes that we can't fit in a suitcase and I don't want to take too much on a plane. Maybe the Nikki, the house sitter would be nice enough to drive a car down and fly back?

Speaking of Nikki, she has warned us that if my mother sets off the security alarms, the police will be called and my mother will be arrested for trespassing. I hate to say it- but once the kids are out of the house, and April is gone to Aunt Bev's (if Dad allows her to go... and quite frankly, I'll buy her a ticket to fly out if he doesn't give her hers.) it's time for the natural consequences of Mom's actions to happen. I wanted so much to keep the fully impact of my mother's problems from the kids, and I have failed in doing that. I cannot force my father to get her help. Something has got to happen here... but I just don't want my children or April to see Mom in the back of a police car.

I did not sell any articles this month but I was able to spend time researching my next novel. I am making some real changes to it so Robin never feels I exploited his experiences. The daughter of my main character, tentative named Patty, has a medical problem- I'm leaning towards deafness or cancer at this time. Robert, my protagonist, is a concert violinist. His mother, Karen, has dementia. There is so much to learn to write this story well that I am often overwhelmed by it.

Until next time,



Just a short note this month from me. I got a new job that I start Monday. And the beauty of this job is ZERO commute... I write and conduct continuing education units for pharmacists and pharmacist techs- all from the comfort of my living room. I am working 40 hours a week there and still float at a pharmacy near me 15 hours a week And because it's on line, I can work from Colorado this summer. I've even arranged things so that when Robin is getting play therapy, speech therapy, and occupational therapy from the college, I'll be working in a nearby pharmacy. Yes, I am very concerned about finances right now between the stuff Robin needs, Mike's schooling and decline in paid work, and the stuff we need as a family. Strangely enough, once you realize that I'm not commuting 45 minutes each way to get to work, I've managed to increase the time I'm at home, and the job is based out of California so I can work before the kids get up or after they go to bed.

I celebrated by treating Merrie to a Princess Day on a school day. I let her sleep in until 10 Friday, and then woke her up to take her to get her hair done, manicure and pedicure, and we went shopping for clothes (in the mall, which surprised her!). We then went fabric shopping for her doll's wardrobe and we went to my belly dancing class together. I wanted to show her that she's not the only uncoordinated one who enjoys dancing. Merrie loved the whole day, and it was nice to spend some mother-daughter time with her. I sent an email to the teacher stating that I felt Merrie needed extra attention, and it was marked as sick day.

We took a little time to find a present for Lawrence's wedding. It's hard to find a present for a couple that has been together as long as they have, and pretty much have everything they need. Merrie decided to give them colorful socks... because their feet must get cold. I expanded on the theme by giving the happy couple a nice foot rub system and all sorts of nice stuff to pamper their feet. After all, they make a living standing on them all day. I'm looking forward to a no drama wedding.

Well, Mike's itching to check his email, so I'll let you go.


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