dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Sunday, 3 May 2009

Today's strip is a new-ruin that, depending on how you view things, is either the latest or the first example of an old punchline. It also presents John as being an oblivious boob who gets overstimulated way too easily.

Panel 1: We see him and Ted at a bar watching the Stanley Cup playoffs on a plasma screen TV. The play-by-play guy tells us Smednik passes the puck to Biffnobb who drops it to Podwilski. Podwilski shoots.....

Panel 2: ....and SCORES!!!!!!

Panel 3: As the announcer reminds us that Wilson has made a great move in these, the last minutes of a close game, Ted and John are agape with expectation.

Panel 4: The excellence of Wilson's move (flipping the puck to Hogwilt who slides it over to Thripp) causes the two men to have grand mal seizures.

Panel 5: Their silhouettes are horrified to learn that Thripp is poke-checked by Fogarty who is in turn knocked off the puck by Zytaruk who skates in.....

Panel 6: ....and has his shot deflected by the goalie. This, for some reason, delights them. I can't figure out why because Lynn's impersonation of what color commentary sounds like has me confused.

Panel 7: In any event, we're now told that Fogarty's stealing the puck from Milflapp is a good thing.

Panel 8: I guess it is because he scores.

Panel 9: As they leave the bar Ted tells John that they played a great game that night. John agrees....

Panel 10: ....because he's exhausted.

Summary: This is yet another example of a Patterson being an enthusiastic spectator at a sporting event; since Lynn is only being mildly ironic and their enthusiasm is never at Elly's expense, I think she views this as a good thing. It's not Elly's thing but it's not a bad thing.

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