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Friday, 24 April 2009

It seems to me that this week's unifying theme is that Elly's life is a tapestry of frustration and despair with no hint of any sort of relief. That being said, we should expect that we'd have to contend with John asking her what she does all day. It might happen today or it might ruin our Saturday but we have to know that Rod must be demonized.

resident_bishie's paper ran the following strip:

Elly and John argue over whose turn it is to discipline Mike, while Mike waits with increasing boredom at the top of the stairs, where he's been drawing on the wall. In the last panel, Mike declares he wants Elly to do it, since she's 'softer'.

yesterday so it's possible that that's what we'll contend with. If so, it's perfect in that Elly is victimised (Mike doesn't respect her authoritah) and John is presented as a monster ("Maybe my disproportionate violence will teach you respect").

Tomorrow, perhaps; she's got to repeat repeating herself. I guess she's become Lynnie Two-two.

Panel 1: We see Elly laying down the law to Mike; if he's rude to her one more time, she'll send him to his room for the rest of the day without supper. As I remember from the last time she trotted this out, we were quite upset that she'd try to starve Mike into submission; we were also quite right to be outraged. You can't do that to a growing child.

Panel 2: In any event, he totally freaking baffles her by giving her a Bronx cheer; this is because, as I said last time, she never quite twigged to the fact that children will always try and see what they can get away with.

Panel 3: As I implied before, he cannot get away with much; this is because we see a surprised Mike being forcibly marched into his room by a furious Elly. Why he should have to suffer because she can't get it through her thick skull that she'd all but dared him to disobey is a head-scratcher.

Panel 4: So is trying to figure out why we should feel sorry for her as she confesses that she thought-bubbles that they always make you carry out the threats she wishes she'd never made. If she didn't want to punish him, why did she set it up that she'd have to?

Summary: Let's hope that tomorrow's is the one I mentioned; I'd like something relatively fresh to snark.

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