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Link to review of Farley book

Hello, everyone--recently-joined member here de-lurking to post the following link to a review of 'Farley Follows His Nose':

The reviewer is a long-time admirer of "For Better or For Worse", and so, not surprisingly, "Highly Recommended" the book and gave it four out of four stars.  I was particularly annoyed at how he praised Lynn Johnston and Beth Cruikshank's "Clever[ness]" in underlining the sensitivity of dogs' noses, while ignoring the way they gloss over the effect of a junk food binge on a dog's digestive system.

On a different note, I'm delighted to have discovered this community--FOOB has long  been a bugbear of mine, but up until very recently I was under the impression that  the strip was almost universally beloved.


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