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Tracey's Letter, April 2009

Hi all

Lawrence and Nick are getting married!  I'm so excited I can barely type.  We went out for dinner Friday, nothing fancy, just our regular night on the town with old friends, and they said that they've been talking about it since last summer.  Mike even made some comment about it at Elizabeth's wedding and Lawrence just stammered some silly answer about how it's nice to have the right to get married, and that became a catalyst to get them to start thinking seriously about it.  But with Mike, Dee and the kids off to Colorado after school ends in June, and Bri and Junko over to see his parents in six weeks or so, if they want to get the old gang together one last time, they're running out of weekends.  Nick says they are quite serious about it being just a simple wedding and they aren't just saying that and letting things balloon into some ridiculous over-blown farce.  They've got such gorgeous gardens at Lakeshore Landscaping, so they've decided to hold it there.  Yeah, I know...getting married where you work?  I did mention this and Lawrence said that it holds a lot of meaning for them both, as it's something they have bought and developed it just happens to be available whenever they want it to!  So just over seven weeks to go until May 18 (Victoria Day) might seem a bit daunting, but their insistence about it being small and personal to them will make it possible.  It's something we can relate to as we got married in my parents' backyard and it was beautiful.  Besides, the wedding is just one day: it's the marriage which is important.

Lawrence had one major concern, though: the Pattersons.  His mother has sworn not to mention it to them if Lawrence and Nick don't want them there, but Lawrence does feel a bit awkward because, despite everything, he has never forgotten how good they were to him when he came out and he doesn't want to exclude them, but he doesn't want Elly causing problems and ruining the day for everyone.  Nick doesn't know Elly and John anywhere near as well as the rest of us, since he didn't meet them until he moved to Milborough after university, by which time, well...sometimes it's difficult to convince people who met them relatively recently that they used to be normal, even kind of fun.

I just had to ask if Molly was coming to the wedding.  I couldn't resist teasing Gord about his one-time crush and ask if he'd ever wondered "what if...?"  He said perhaps it would have been worth it if they've only seen something while sitting in the tree outside her bedroom window, at which Lawrence just groaned and said, "That's my sister you're talking about!" and we just ordered some more wine and stayed until they closed the restaurant.

Great fun last night...not quite as much first thing this morning.  One of the (very few) things I miss about my 20s is my old metabolism! 


PS Should we offer six limos as a wedding present?!  :)  Don't answer that: I don't want to become some lame pseudo-blogger asking advice from total strangers!
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