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April 2009 Newsletter

For Better or For Worse Newsletter
April 2009

=================== Greetings from the Team: ===================

Hello everybody! We're thrilled to report that spring has arrived in Northern Ontario. All the ice-fishing huts are off the lake, and we're beginning to see patches of open water where once there was a vast skating rink. We're looking forward to the arrival of the crocuses and tulips now!

=================== Studio Happenings: ===================

We've just released Lynn's latest, and final, FBorFW collection book entitled Just a Simple Wedding. Get your autographed copy here in our online store:

Our Farley-themed children's book is nearly ready and will be available in May. As always, please keep an eye on our website for updates as the publication date approaches. Our News Bites page can be found here: and is updated often. If you use an RSS reader, you can get our News Bites feed here:

Apologies to anyone who has missed our e-greet tool over the last little while; it's been temporarily offline while we upgrade the script. We experienced some hacker activity last month (not to worry - there was no breach of our customers' or guests' privacy or personal information) so we're updating all of the software that runs the FBorFW website to make sure all the potential security holes are closed. We're also scheduling upgrades to the Strip Fix portion of the site, but if there's going to be any downtime (not likely, as we're very careful) we'll notify you through the News Bites page.

We've posted a variety of games for Easter - test your memory with our Scrambled Eggs game:, search for eggs here: or test your reflexes with Butterscotch's Egg-Scape game:

================== April's Giveaway: ===================

Just correctly answer the questions below and we'll enter you in the draw - the prize is a limited-edition FBorFW print (from a print run of only 2000), and we'll select 5 lucky winners at the end of the month. Send your answers to with the subject line January Trivia Contest. We regret that this contest is not open to residents of Quebec for legal reasons which we don't really comprehend.

And now, the questions...You can find all the trivia answers on our website.

1. What's the name of Lynn's first FBorFW collection book?

2. Who suggested the name "For Better or For Worse" for the strip?

3. What did Lynn do when she worked at McMaster university?

4. What does Connie do for a living?

5. Who's hiding in the cupboard in our Easter Egg Hunt game?

================== March's Giveaway: ===================

This past month we gave 5 lucky winners a limited-edition FBorFW print (from a print run of only 2000). Here are the answers to last month's trivia questions:

And now, the questions...You can find all the trivia answers on our website.

1. Which character recently moved away? - Deanna

2. Who does Elly go jogging with? - Connie

3. For which occasions would you like to see new E-greets on our website? (Thanks for all your answers.)

4. What sport does young Mike like to play?

5. What three delicious foods are pictured in our Coffee Break game? An ice cream bar (popsicle), hamburger
and cup of coffee.

=================== Spanish Phrase of the Month: ===================

"La primavera la sangre altera". This means, "Spring is in the air" (the sap rises in the spring).

=================== Studio Photo of the Month: ===================

Here's a great shot of Lynn working on an acrylic painting, one of the hobbies she's finding time for now that she's got a break from the ongoing FBorFW deadlines:

=================== A Quick Tour of our Site: ===================

Our website can, as always, be found at

You can read the strip online at

We post our major news items here:

Our store is here, where we offer signed copies of all Lynn's books:

To check out our Coffee Talk feature, click this link:

Our site contains five and a half years' worth of strips, plus lots of additional content like our popular e-greets, games and behind-the-scenes info on Lynn and the strip. Please feel free to explore the site, play the games, read the features and send your feedback to

=================== Shoppers' Section: ===================

Get your signed copy of Just a Simple Wedding here:

We've just lowered the price of our remaining Wall Calendar stock:
Get em while they last!

Our sterling silver bunny jewelry makes a great Easter gift!

Thanks for reading! We'll be back next month with more news and updates.

=================== RSS: ===================

Wondering what RSS is all about? Learn more here:

News Bites feed:

Elly's Coffee Talk Blog feed:

Strip Fix feed:

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