Binky Betsy (cookie77) wrote in binky_betsy,
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Friday, August 26

Panel 1: "The week of filler is almost up, so we don't have time to pursue yesterday's discussion." And Laura's reply is one of my conversational pet peeves. A simple suggestion is not a "plan". If someone says, "Let's go to a movie," the appropriate reply is "Sounds good!". If, however, they say, "Let's go to a later showing, so we can browse the bookstore beforehand, and I'll have time to hit the bank," THEN you can say it "sounds like a plan": a program of small events that will achieve a goal, rather than just one action. Not knocking Laura, just people in general who say that.

And anyway, when's "soon"? Tomorrow? The next day? As soon as the dishes are dry?

Panel 2: And maybe it's just me, but when people suggest "one last" whatever, my instinct is that they'll get in a horrible accident that will mess up whatever plans they had for departure and afterwards.

Panel 3: Whew. No accident, apparently. And this is a beautifully drawn panel. The previous one's not bad either, but this is really stunning. Now, "Laura..." sounds like she's leading up to something important...

Panel 4: Hmm...I hesitate to scoff at this, because I think I know how she feels. The first time I drove through Arkansas, the late afternoon and sunset on the highway were so breathtaking, so unlike anything I'd experienced in Pennsylvania or even California, that I did say to Cookie Monster, "You know, I think I understand why people are so into religion down here." That said, the phrasing is kind of clumsy. And I think Laura's too preoccupied wishing she'd taken a bathroom break before they left to answer.

I dunno; I think this would have been better if the first panel had had them wordlessly saddling up. Sometimes I think Lynn forgets that this is a primarily visual medium, and not EVERYTHING has to be spelled out in dialogue.
Tags: farm, glurge, saint april

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