dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Thursday, 19 March 2009

I expect that today's strip will depict Elly's return from Vancouver. Will she find that John has left her with a bunch of housework to do because he did nothing? Probably not. What we will see is that she has to 'correct' the mistakes he made.

Maybe tomorrow. Today, John has to remind us that Elly is indispensable.

Panel 1: We see him in the driveway getting ready to drop off the kids. He asks Mike if he remembered his lunch and to go to the bathroom and reminds him that he needs a heavier jacket.

Panel 2: He then exhorts him to not get dirty, asks where his hat is, tells him to get in the car, asks if he can do his own seatbelt and reminds him that he'll be late.

Panel 3: As he drops Lizzie off at Annie's, he thanks her for taking the baby and reminds her that he put all her things in the stroller. Mike whines that his boot came off.

Panel 4: We're now at Mike's school; John tells him to be good and that he'll be back for him at 4. Mike says "Bye".

Panel 5: John thought-bubbles his amazement that Elly goes through this every day.

Summary: The biggest problem with John shilling the Wesley so blatantly is that he looks like a man who just became a father; he should already know the crap Elly has to go through instead of just having realized it. Also, he should have paid closer attention to her instructions. He may not realize it but he didn't do a thing right today.

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