dreadedcandiru2 (dreadedcandiru2) wrote in binky_betsy,

Tuesday, 10 March 2009

As you may or not know, the original version of the current plotline didn't go into any great depth about how John handled things; he phones Elly to ask her where they kept stuff and left her the laundry to do because he couldn't hack it and that was about it. This tells me that aprilp_katje is right to fear that we're in for an extended remix of Total Fail.

That'll probably be rewritten later in the week; right now, the kids think that Elly is abandoning them.

Panel 1: We start off with Elly saying that she's excited about her trip back to Vancouver; she then asks if he doesn't mind if he has to spend time with the kids while she hangs out with her parents. He says that he doesn't.

Panel 2: He reminds us that Mike's in pre-school and Liz has a sitter so everything is under control. She responds to this by saying that there's a week's worth of horrible meals in the freezer.

Panel 3: He says that he knows the place is stocked; there's no need to worry about them so she should just enjoy herself.

Panel 4: Besides, it's clear to him that the kids are looking forward to some quality time with Dad; he then says "We're gonna have a great time, eh, kids?"

Panel 5: Lizzie responds to this by howling "MAAAAAAAMAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH" at the top of her lungs as Mike pounds on the door of the cab trying to get Elly to change her mind.

Summary: I think it just dawned on the kids that Elly isn't going to be around; since they aren't old enough to understand how time works, they think she's leaving them forever and ever because they were bad. This sort of pointless trauma, which could have been prevented if Elly had a lick of foresight is the reason that they get freaked out by the idea of her working outside the home.

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