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Dee's letter

Dee here-

I fully blame the new computer for the delay in our letter. First we made the change to Vista, and then to the very jarring Word 2007.

Belly dancing is going well, I think. I’ve learned a knee shimmy, washing machine shimmy, and am starting on a shoulder shimmy. I’ve learned to take basic steps and basic arm positions. It’s a blast actually… the women in my class are quickly becoming my friends. The teacher is involved in something called the Society for Creative Anachronisms. She’s invited the class to attend a Hafla- or day devoted to belly dance-in a month. It might be nice, but I’m not sure about sewing a costume...

Mike ended up taking a full load at school this semester, as the economy has cut his freelance work by half. He’s currently working on an editing assignment and has a twenty page paper due. His good news is that he’s got an appointment next month to see a doctor to approve him for surgery.

This economy is scary at the moment- one of the women in my class has been out of work for three months and finally found something at half her previous pay. She’s crushed and knows she has to be grateful for the job… At times like this, I’m very glad to be in the medical field.
Mike and I are going to tour some schools in the next couple of months. Robin isn’t progressing as well as we would hope with the speech therapy. We’ve had him tested again… and he’s officially developmentally delayed due to his verbal dyslexia. I’m hoping we can help him catch up if we can find a better school, a better support system, better informed parents. He needs something different and we may not find it within driving distance of our house.

Mike was disappointment that he was rejected from DragonCon due to his lack of familiarity within the science fiction/fantasy/horror world. He had hoped to take us to the Atlanta Speech School for a tour. So, now we’re going later this month. We’re tying in the trip with plans to see Six Flags, the Zoo, the Aquarium, and other fun places.

Merry, I’m very sure will fill you in on all the fun she’s having in her horseback riding lessons.
Until Next Month,

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